Le Moulin Meditation Centre

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Opening May 2005

You have a beautiful place here. There is a feeling of spiritual and every day life combined together.
Michalle, August ’10

The Moulin is, at heart, a place ‘to be’, an environment to let go for some time of the outer focused busy-ness of our everyday lives, and turn our attention gently and inquiringly inwards, to explore heart, body, mind and life.

Teachings of awakening, practices of awakening, and a community of awakening are offered, grounded in the Buddhist tradition of Insight Meditation, (also known as Mindfulness Meditation, or Vipassana).

Resident teacher Martin Aylward provides the principal guidance and support for meditation practice and inner inquiry, along with a rich variety of deeply skilled visiting teachers from various spiritual backgrounds. The exquisitely beautiful, landscaped grounds of The Moulin offer shady riverbanks and bamboo groves and delicious organic vegetarian meals and an environment of deep kindness and care support your practice.

Main house

I have learnt so much about myself in such a short space of time, yet with the beauty of this place I have been held in a space of care and compassion for myself, which in turn I have seen myself give to others.
Sandra, August ’09

An integrated approach to awakening in the midst of life is emphasized. Regardless of age, nationality, cultural or ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender expression, whether with previous meditation experience or none, alone, with partners and/or children, you are very welcome. We look forward to meeting you here. Read further for more information about retreats, accommodation, costs etc..


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(Moulin de Chaves is the original name of the water mill built here in the mid-19th Century.)

Moulin de Chaves is a Non profit Association